A 30 second commercial I produced for LaRosa's Pizza.

A 30 second spot I produced with Vinegar Hill for Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

PRODUCER- Jen Thompson
DIRECTOR- David Altrogge 

A trailer for a short documentary I am producing for Seachange

PRODUCER- Jen Thompson
Director- David Altrogge 

A music video for kindlewood's forthcoming album. We shot it over 3 days in and around Baltimore, MD. 

PRODUCER- Jen Thompson
DIRECTOR- Cory Pampalone

A live session with kindlewood in the seediest motel we could find. Here is "Dangerous is the Sound" from their album "Desiderium".  

Producer: Jen Thompson
Director: Cory Pampalone

A psychological thriller I produced with the storytellers at Vinegar Hill- here's the trailer for Twin Reflex, a narrative feature. 

Producer: Jen Thompson
Director: David Altrogge

A "Save-the-Date" video I produced with my fiancé for our September 2014 wedding. 

PRODUCER- Jen Thompson
DIRECTOR- Katie Strylowski